2016 Featured Artist announced

Posted April 7, 2016

Downtown Oak Park is commissioning three original pieces from a local artist to be reproduced for our 2016 banners and marketing pieces. Jill Kramer was chosen from more than a dozen submissions challenged to “capture the spirit of Downtown Oak Park.”

“I was immediately drawn to a few of my favorite stores as visual inspiration. It was hard to narrow it down to three! I wanted to capture simple views that could translate the feeling of familiarity, warmth, and nostalgia. I tried to use color in a way that represents the actual buildings while adding a visual punch meant to mimic the vibrant life of the area,” said Kramer.

Drawn to pattern, texture, mark-making and saturated use of color, Jill’s most recent work focuses on landscape as an idealized sense of place and memory. In an urban environment, one can be overwhelmed with concrete, glass and steel. Jill’s work has been published in Chicago Bar Association Magazine and Telling Tales by Faye Stanley & Stuart Stotts. In 2009, her prints were used by Acadia National Park in Maine to promote the annual Night Sky Festival.

More of Jill’s work can be found here www.JillAKramer.com/.

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