#MerchantSpotlight: Léa French Street Food

Posted November 13, 2020

#MerchantSpotlight 🌟: Meet Nicolas, owner of Léa French Street Food (106 N Marion) in Downtown Oak Park! Now offering delivery when you order online, https://bit.ly/3mSbp3V

How has the last six months affected Léa French Street Food?
“its been slower but its still great”

What have you learned as a business owner over the last six months?
“When times are tough, you learn to do more with less. We have streamlined our menu and our operations and are focused on our best sellers. During slow times, you also have time to be creative, both in menu development and marketing.”

How can the community help Léa French Street Food thrive in the coming months?
“We just started delivery, please try it and meet Jerry, our delivery driver. We love it when customers come by to just say hi- it keeps us going!”

If you didn’t own Léa’s, what would be your dream career?
“This is our dream career! Our second career for both me and my wife. We are both architectsand switched to restaurateur to be able to create our own business. Its super creative, fun and delicious.”

Favorite local spot to dine?
“We love sushi, so Sushi House is a favorite.”

Favorite local spot to shop?
“We love getting lost in The Book Table!”

Favorite fun thing to do when you aren’t busy running your business?
“Cooking french food (sauces especially) and creating/fixing things around the house and yard.”

Anything else you’d like the community to know about you? 
Nicolas was born in Lille, France and we moved to the area 7 years ago, via San Francisco, Paris and London. We have 2 children, Lea and Julien, and a lab named Noisette. You may haveseen the kids ’schooling ‘ from the restaurant from time to time.”