This month, DTOP is spotlighting Downtown Oak Park’s Black-owned Businesses.

The Queen of the Mountain Pose

Monica Campbell, Owner of YogaSix Oak Park

Monica selected DTOP because it is supportive of small businesses. “The community is so small and business-friendly, and the variety of events and activities in DTOP has always been a destination for me! I love that DTOP attracts so many to Oak Park from several surrounding areas, which enhances the diversity of this community that I’ve grown to love.”

She recommends signing up for a private yoga session at YogaSix, whether you are new or an experienced yoga student. “Anyone could benefit from 1:1 time with one of our amazing, friendly, highly educated instructors.”

When Monica is not running her business or taking her favorite Slow Flow class at YogaSix, her favorite place to treat herself in downtown Oak Park is Léa French Cafe. “Léa is sooo good when I want to treat myself! The best croissants, salads, and cookies!”

YogaSix is located at 1006 Lake Street, Suite B. For more information or to schedule a class, visit YogaSix Oak

The Smoothie King

Kenneth Scott

Kenneth opened his restaurant in DTOP because of our community. “Oak Park is very vibrant and is a community that we can thrive in. The community, the people, and the culture align very well with our values.”

If you ask him what his favorite menu item is — he can’t pick just one! He recommends all their smoothies. “There isn’t one particular smoothie that I would recommend. That’s the beauty of our menu; we can cater to the individual’s taste.”

During his time off, he enjoys exploring Lake Street. “My favorite place is walking down Lake Street. We try to be good neighbors and try all our neighborhood’s different cuisines and venues.”

Smoothie King is located at 1016 Lake Street. For more information or to place an order online, visit

The Kings of Comedy

Marz Timms and Sherman Edwards

Since growing up in Oak Park, Marz has always known that downtown Oak Park would be the perfect location to open a comedy club. “I’ve lived in Oak Park since grammar school, and when I was a kid, “The Mall” (DTOP was closed to traffic back then) was where everyone would go to hang out with friends. My memories of laughing, eating, and shopping made DTOP the perfect choice for a comedy club.”

Sherman recommends checking out Top Shelf Comedy at Comedy Plex on Thursday Nights, “We feature the best comedians that tour nationally but mostly still live in the area, so you can find your new favorites before they blow up.”

If you are considering taking a class, Sherman suggests their Introductory Improv Class. “You can apply what you learn in this class to whatever work you do– whether you are an actor or an astronaut.”

When Marz isn’t on stage, his favorite DTOP spot is Pumpkin Moon. “I love Pumpkin Moon. Walking through the door is like opening a bag of Skittles; the colors hit me first, and then the sounds. There are so many interesting and funny things to look at. I’m a big kid that’s into weird and strange toys. Pumpkin Moon fits my comedy style.”

Comedy Plex Comedy Club is located at 1128 Lake Street. For more information or to buy tickets, visit Comedy Plex Comedy

Jacques Shalo and Jeremiah Shalo, Co-founders of Kribi Coffee Air Roastery

When Jacques and Jeremiah always knew that Oak Park would be home to their revolutionary air roasting technology. “Having been a part of Oak Park’s vibrant community for over thirty years, we’ve seen firsthand its resilience, diversity, and potential. We are excited to contribute to its growth and prosperity while offering an elevated coffee experience to the community. Operating in DTOP feels like home, and we’re eager to build lasting connections and make a positive impact.”



Kribi Coffee Air Roastery’s DTOP location is in the Albion at 149 Forest Avenue. For more information on their other locations, visit Kribi