#MerchantSpotlight: Meet Karen Morava, owner of the CarefulPeach Boutique located at 1024 North Blvd in Downtown Oak Park!

How has the last five months affected The CarefulPeach Boutique?

“Down financially – considerably. More than I thought. But, it gave us the opportunity to put in place some changes and protocols that were much needed.”

What have you learned as a business owner over the last three months?
“That the kindness of people in this community knows no bounds. That the dedication, patience and loyalty of our staff is limitless. And we can all rise to incredible challenges.”

How can the community help CarefulPeach thrive in the coming months?
“While the CarefulPeach doesn’t sell everything…and neither do other businesses, check before you buy outside the community. You’ll be pleasantly surprised what we do sell!”

If you didn’t own a boutique, what would be your dream career?
“Propulsion Engineer at the Jet Propulsion Lab”

Favorite local spot to dine?
“Ohhh… too many to remember! But i do love Hemingway Bistro. Best Soupe à l’Oignon outside of France!” 

Favorite local spot to shop?
“Well…Again it’s hard to choose! But I love 16Suitcases & Lively” 

Favorite fun thing to do when you aren’t busy running your business?
“Garden and redecorate my home.”

Anything else you’d like the community to know about you as an individual? 
“That I am grateful beyond words for my staff, my friends (who really helped us out!) my husband, my pets, my home, my opportunities every day to do it again; but better.”