What are you most looking forward to as businesses ease back into normal living?
We are looking forward to more customers coming in and meeting and working with local business owners

How can the community help your business thrive in the coming months?
We want to work with the community however we can! Think of us for your next event, let us know if we can partner with you in some way, especially if you need swag, an online store, company uniforms, giveaways, the list goes on….

What is one service your business offers that the community might not know about?
We have a lot of processes that they don’t know about so maybe highlight all of those? Screen Print, Digital Print (on garments and hard surfaces, including banners and yard signs), laser engraving, full color heat transfers, vinyl cutting, embroidery, rotary engraving (engraving on curved surfaces) and more! If you can think of a branded product, in all likelihood we can make it for you!

If you had to order one dish from a DTOP restaurant, what would it be?
We have three (sorry)

  • Ham and gouda croissant from Sugar Fixe
  • Lasagna from Tre Sorelle Ristorante
  • Any breakfast at Cozy Corner

Fill in the blank: If I had the afternoon off & did two things it would be _____ & _____ :
(Lauren) Run and Paint
(Eric) Golf and Play with my dog

Favorite fun thing to do when you aren’t busy running your business?
Go out to dinner!

What’s a personal talent you have?
Lauren loves to paint (went to school for it!)
Eric loves to write (has been published!)