Looking for a new read? Oak Park’s very own Diane Richardson, owner and founder of The Gold Hatpin, offers valuable insight and advice on collection, styling, and shopping for jewelry in The Modern Guide to Antique Jewellery by Beth Bernstein. Diane draws on her experience and expertise as a jewelry dealer and collector, a member of the Chicago Jewelers Association, and a regular at prestigious antique jewelry shows across the country. This read features advice and knowledge from several jewelry dealers, and beautiful photos of jewelry – making it perfect for your nightstand or coffee table.

This book is hitting the shelves of local bookstores, so support a fellow Oak Parker and pick up a copy for yourself! A limited number of copies will also be available at The Gold Hatpin.

Read an excerpt of Diane Richardson’s advice from the book:

‘If you are attracted to a piece and you want to know more about it, ask the dealer to talk about it. Most dealers enjoy discussing their merchandise and are eager to convey their enthusiasm for their pieces in the hope of finding kindred souls who also love what they themselves find intriguing. You may begin a new collection this way or discover something that you didn’t know you needed, or at least pick up some new bit of information.’

The Gold Hatpin has been servicing the Chicago and Oak Park area for the last 32 years, as a destination for vintage, exquisite, and unique antique jewelry – from engagement rings and wedding bands to anniversary gifts and collectors’ items. Their knowledgeable staff also offers custom jewelry design and jewelry repair.