Oak Park Festival Theatre
Austin Gardens

Oak Park Festival Theatre is Chicago’s premier outdoor professional theatre company, dedicated to excellence in performance — from Shakespeare and other celebrated classics to stimulating contemporary plays.

On November 23, an extra-alarm fire at 1034 Lake Street severely damanaged Oak Park Festival Theatre’s offices. Thankfully, no one was injured. However, we have suffered significant material losses.

Oak Park Festival Theatre has survived for the past 47 years thanks to the generosity of our friends and neighbors. While we are pained by this setback, we are confident that our community will step up to help us overcome and rebuild.

Make a donation today to help us begin anew. Oak Park Fesival Theatre employs more than 100 artists and serves more than 5,000 patrons each year. With your help, we will rebuild a stronger, brighter Oak Park Festival Theatre for all.



Original Source: oakparkfestival.com/donate