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April 22nd – 28th, 2024

During this week-long celebration, try signature caffeinated drinks from local businesses and collect stamps for each new drink you try.

Cultural Caffeine Tour Map

Signature Drinks

(For more information on the businesses, click the name!)

Crepas Culichi
1101 Lake St
(708) 665-3490

Cafe De Olla

Mexican-style coffee, cinnamon, brown sugar, and Crepas Culichi secret ingredients. P.S. Comes with a cookie on top!

Crepas Culichi is a Mexican female-owned restaurant. Cafe de Olla is a classic signature drink in our culture that we drink in the morning or on a chilly day to brighten and warm up our day!


Fitness Formula Club Local’84 Cafe
1114 Lake Street
(708) 383-1114

Bulletproof Coffee

A light, refreshing caffeinated beverage made with French roast coffee, ghee, coconut oil, and coconut flakes that promotes digestive health and enhances weight loss.

A great choice after a workout! Local’84 Cafe is located inside FFC Oak Park and is open to the public. See the front desk to be directed to the cafe.


Jerusalem Cafe
1030 Lake St.
(708) 848-7734

Arabic Coffee

Arabic coffee, also known as Qahwah arabiyya, is a traditional beverage in Arab culture made from Coffea arabica beans. Arabic coffee is an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Arab states recognized by UNESCO.

This coffee is a symbol of generosity and hospitality in Arab societies, often prepared in front of guests using a special pot called a dallah.

*This drink is brewed fresh. Please allow 10 minutes for the brewing process.*


Katy’s Dumplings
1113 Lake St
(708) 383-9888

Peach Oolong Iced Tea

A refreshing Oolong tea bursting with peach flavor.

Tea drinking is deeply ingrained in Chinese culture due to its long history, diverse varieties, and multifaceted role in social, cultural, and medicinal contexts. It serves as a symbol of hospitality, mindfulness, and harmony while offering a wide range of health benefits. Additionally, the ritual of tea ceremonies fosters connection and respect among individuals, making tea an integral part of Chinese identity and daily life.


Khyber Pass
1031 Lake St
(708) 445-9032

Chai Tea

Masala tea made with cinnamon, cardamom, and cloves

The Khyber Pass is an ancient passage into the Indian subcontinent. This fragrant black tea evokes South Asia through warm spices.


Kribi Coffee Albion
149 Forest Ave
(708) 613-5094

Hot Kribi Macchiato

Layered latte with vanilla syrup, shots of espresso caramel drizzle and steamed milk of your choice. (16oz)

Named after the Cameroonian port town that inspires our business, embodies our deep Cameroonian heritage and symbolizes our direct relationship with the local farmers.


124 N Marion St
(708) 628-3421

Sweet Tea

Sweetened, iced black tea.

Sweet Tea is the essence of Southern BBQ!



Smoothie King
1016 Lake St
(708) 972-1016

Espresso High Protein Almond Mocha

When you need a little pick-me-up, our Feel Energized Blends are packed full of goodness and a little caffeine with our cold brew or espresso to get you moving. More than just an espresso drink, it’s a great taste that’s filling.

Perfect sweetness with the energy of the espresso and filling with real fruit for a one-of-a-kind flavor. Smoothie King smoothies give you what you need!

For a real eye-opener add an additional shot of espresso.


Sugar Fixé
119 N Marion St
(708) 948-7720

Orange Zested White Chocolate Ganache Mocha

A dreamy mocha featuring an amazing Viennese coffee, Julius Meinl, which has been roasting coffee since 1862. (16 oz)

Featuring a decadent flavor combination and high-quality ingredients, this drink represents what Sugar Fixe is known for – a gourmet experience.


Sushi House
1107 Lake St
(708) 660-8899

Thai Iced Tea

A creamy and refreshing mildly spiced sweet tea.

Our menu is focused on pleasing customers. The modern tea-drinking culture has evolved to accommodate the changing lifestyles of contemporary individuals.


Tre Sorelle
1111 Lake St
(708) 445-9700


A scoop of homemade gelato drowned in espresso.

This delicious combination of two quintessential Italian items, gelato and espresso, speaks to Tre Sorelle’s commitment to authentic, homemade Italian flavors. 


Vigo Coffee
1100 Lake St Ste 100B
(630) 327-8862

Mexican Culture 101

Latte with our Horchata homemade syrup, rice-based drink, sweetened with sugar and flavored with cinnamon. Hot or Iced.

Horchata is a traditional Spanish/Latin American beverage, known by the Mayans and Aztecs as the ‘drink of the gods’. It has been known to have all kinds of health benefits, containing vitamin C and E and being rich in the minerals phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, and iron. Horchata is a part of the drink family and just like mole sauce “Every family has their own recipe; every town its own version”.


Wise Cup
1018 Lake St
(708) 628-3707

Kashmiri Latte

Smooth expression of Cardamom complemented by espresso and milk.

Cardamom is a key ingredient in Indian beverages and espresso and cardamom compliments each other very well.