Kelley Kitley, an Oak Park mom of 4, psychotherapist, national media expert, author and speaker will be premiering an educational short film adapted from her book, MY self: An Autobiography of Survival, at Lake Theatre on October, 25th. 

Via Chicago Tribune — “Kitley, a motivational speaker/psychotherapist, and her husband, Ryan, have joined forces with fellow Oak Parkers Adria Dawn and David Tarleton, a husband/wife filmmaking duo, to create an eight to 10-minute fictional film adaptation of Kitley’s candid story. It will be titled, “Gray Area.”

… Kitley’s autobiography is the brutally honest tale of her overcoming adversity and trials, including an eating disorder and an addiction to booze. The film will be used in conjunction with her motivational speeches to help serve people in need and as a tool to educate communities on mental health.” Read full article

This is a private viewing that will be open to all of our donors in the community.

This is a deeply rooted Oak Park project as almost all funding was raised by Oak Park residents and small businesses to make this film possible. We are still fundraising!