#MerchantSpotlight 🌟: Meet Tony Compaglia, owner of BeerShop located at 1026 North Blvd in Downtown Oak Park.

How has the last six months affected BeerShop?
“We have seen a reduction of foot traffic due to Covid-19. As a result we’ve had to adjust our hours, operating expenses and look to new sources of revenues.”

What have you learned as a business owner over the last six months?
“My business had to be flexible.”

How can the community help BeerShop thrive in the coming months?
“Keep drinking beer (and wine)! We now sell online for curbside pickup and delivery. The community has been great.”

If you didn’t own BeerShop, what would be your dream career?
“Big game hunter”

Favorite local spot to dine?
“Carnivore, Lea French Street Food, Hecho en Oak Park”

Favorite local spot to shop?
“The Book Table”

Favorite fun thing to do when you aren’t busy running your business?
“Playing guitar (trying).”

Anything else you’d like the community to know about you? 
“I used to be faster with my crossover dribble to the hoop.”