Meet the Merchants: Couple Shivangi Sandal Khetarpal (right) and Naveen Khetarpal (left) are local Oak Parkers and owners of Wise Cup, known for their coffee, Indian inspired beverages, and monthly authentic Indian food pop up.

How has the last three months affected your business? 

We’ve been hit doubly by the pandemic and the planned construction on Lake Street, which has taken a great toll on our business. Still, with support from our loyal customers, we are trying our best to keep the business alive. Customers have helped us every step of the way, from purchasing gift cards to even helping us with our Costco runs. Support like this has motivated us and has kept our spirit alive.

What have you learned as business owners over the last three months? 

Our community really appreciates locally owned businesses, and our neighbors go out of their way to support us, along with all of the small businesses in our community..

How can the community help your business thrive in the coming months? 

We like to hear from our customers. We are always trying to improve and better serve our community, so feedback, requests, and suggestions are always appreciated!

If you two didn’t own a business, what would be your dream career? 

Shivangi Sandal Khetarpal: Professor
Naveen Khetarpal: Urban Farmer

Favorite local spot to dine? 

Shivangi Sandal Khetarpal: La Notte
Naveen Khetarpal: Rustico

Favorite local spot to shop? 

Shivangi Sandal Khetarpal: Jayne
Naveen Khetarpal: Dressel’s Hardware

Favorite fun thing to do when you aren’t busy running your business? 

Shivangi Sandal Khetarpal: Cooking Indian Food
Naveen Khetarpal: Gardening

Next Indian Food Pop-up: August 1st.
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