We are excited to welcome our newest merchant to Downtown Oak Park!

Jacqueline Nelson-Elliott is the CEO and Founder of Haus of Hu, a boutique of “the finest products available in town, we are pioneering a new culture that caters to the diverse needs of every individual’s skin and beauty desires.”

Jacqueline is an experienced esthetician who handcrafts her products and offers not just usual beauty products, but exceptional personalized skincare products that she works with you to create!

“At Haus of Hu, we are your go-to destination for all things beauty. Our eclectic cosmetic retail Haus specializes in tailor-made cosmetic blends and provides top-notch skincare consulting. Rest assured, we have a licensed esthetician ready to cater to your skincare needs, and our formulator is always present to address any questions you have about your skin or cosmetic choices.”

Jacqueline has opened her boutique inside MY SALON Suites on Marion Street. “I eagerly sought a lively and vibrant district positioned in the heart of a bustling downtown. A place that brimmed with diversity and exuded an abundance of business opportunities, attracting a constant flow of both pedestrians and vehicles.”

We are thrilled Jacqueline picked DTOP for her new business home. Her approach to her products is truly special and her passion for what she does is evident. “I absolutely love crafting one-of-a-kind skincare products! It’s so amazing to delve into the world of innovation, creating and introducing products that people are eager to get their hands on.”


As a special offer for new customers, Jacqueline is offering 30% off your first purchase until November 30th! Stop by her beautiful pink boutique to meet Jacqueline and learn more about her products and how they can help you reach your skin and beauty goals.

Welcome to DTOP Haus of Hu!